"Leoni is a fantastic personal trainer. I have worked with Leoni in the gym and online. In her sessions, there is so much variation and the exercises are tailored specifically for your goals which she goes through thoroughly right from the start. I already feel so much stronger physically and mentally after sessions with Leoni! Her training method is so enjoyable. Not only have I noticed a difference in my fitness but my wellbeing. Leoni has completely transformed my outlook on health and fitness and I couldn't recommend her more."

Rosie Hague

Teaching Assistant

"Leoni is such a good motivator! She is always cheering me on during my sessions. Just when I think I'm ready to have a break in an exercise, she encourages me with positivity to break through that wall a little bit at a time and I feel so much healthier and fitter already! Exercises are tailored to your needs and goals, and it's fantastic having the flexibility of either 1:1 in person sessions or sessions over Zoom to fit within your work schedule.
Her clear instructions and demonstrations make each programme easy to follow and so enjoyable. I always feel great after a PT session with Leoni and look forward to continuing my programme with her!"

Ellie Shields

Primary Teacher

"I have been working with Leoni online for many months now. As I live in Canada, she is excellent at liaising with me and working with the time zone. She has maintained my motivation to exercise, especially over lockdown. She personalises program's specifically for me and takes into consideration my injuries. Leoni is very considerate and pushes me just enough so that I feel the benefit but not so much that I am utterly ruined. I can really feel the benefit of training and I wouldn't put my trust in anyone else."

Susan Courtney


"Leoni's energy is infectious, she's a super motivator with great understanding to work towards fitness goals. The workouts over zoom are amazing, with such a wide range of challenging exercises for all levels and has really helped me with my running - Leoni evidently knows her sh*t. Her programme's are clear and really adhere to my goals. She's adaptable, flexible but firm as a trainer and coach. There's no one better I'd recommend. 

Marcus Nicholson

NHS Worker

My sessions with Leoni have completely changed my approach to fitness! I feel stronger and fitter and after years of trying on my own feel like I am finally closer to meeting my goals. Leoni is really clear in her instruction and making corrections to my form. The flexibility the zoom sessions for me is fantastic and I love that the sessions are challenging but leave me feeling accomplished. I thoroughly look forward to my sessions and would absolutely recommend Reactive Fitness for anyone looking to start personal training

Rosie Harvey

Student Engagement Manager